Hosting is a service. It is provided to host website files on the server.  In other words; hosting service provides a server where website files can be hosted.

The server is a type of computer which has a unique IP address that can be accessed over the world wide web (www).  When this address is contacted by the user, it reaches your server using the world wide web. 

For example, you have a document that you want to share with everyone over the internet.  Hosting service will allow you to upload this document to the server linked to an IP address open for public access.  When the user (your target customer) reaches this IP address, he can see the document uploaded by you. 

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In short, to be able to access your files on the internet either for personal or public use as an informational website, online store, software as a service, document saving, etc. you need to have a host. Whether you create your own server or you buy hosting from the service providers it is an integral requirement. Some of the famous hosting providers are:

Hosting Management

For a newbie, hosting management can be a daunting task as it involves technical intricacies. It can involve file, database, and resource handling to support different types of applications like website, contact forms, landing pages, custom software, and payment gateways. Depending on the type of application, hosting resource requirements can be different.

As applications can be build using different coding languages, hosting may require various resources like PHP and Apache and modules. All these can be installed, updated, or removed from the server with good programming knowledge with sufficient expertise to use the server terminal using command-line language.

But if a user does not have any knowledge of the command-line language but understands the basic concept of hosting and what resources are required to manage his applications on the server, then below are some useful tools with easy to use graphical user interface:

These control panel will allow the users to manage their hosting with many ready to use options to control the hosting resources.


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