What is a Server?

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A server is a computer specifically designed to host files and data to be shared with others over the internet.  A server is different than a hard disk or a local computer because it can share data over the internet whereas a hard disk can only be accessed locally.

The server receives requests from the users and sends back the replies as an answer. Servers are usually provided by hosting providers but you can build your own home server as well. In addition; a server can be hosted on-premises or in a cloud.  

In the context of a website; we host our files and database on the server. When our users or customers contact our domain name; our website is shown as a response.  In this example; entering the domain name is a request made by the user and showing a website is the response generated by the server.  That is why; it is also called a client-server model.    

While the website is an easy example there can be other situations as well where the server does complex things like computing. 

cloud server

There are various types of servers as follows:

  1. File Servers
  2. Database Servers
  3. Mail Servers
  4. Print Servers
  5. Gaming Servers
  6. Application Servers
  7. Web Servers

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