What is that?

When we first install WordPress, it automatically creates a default category named uncategorized.  Like any other category, this category can be assigned to any post or it can have any child categories under it.  But unlike all other categories that you create on your own, the Uncategorized category can neither be deleted and nor be edited.   This makes many users wrongly assume that this is a non-modifiable permanent category.

Steps to Edit / Delete Uncategorized Category:

  1. Since WordPress is originally a content management system for blogging platforms, it requires one mandatory base category like the uncategorized category. This means if you want to delete the base category, you will need some other category to take the place of the one you are going to delete.  Having said that means to edit or to delete uncategorized, you will first need to create another category if the uncategorized category is the only one there.
  2. After creating a new category or if another category is already existing, you will now need to transfer the default category status from Uncategorized to the one you have selected in its place. To perform this step, you will need to go to the Settings >> Writing. Here you will see a dropdown option to select the Default Post Category with Uncategorized already selected.  Click the dropdown and select the new category and then click the Save Changes button at the page bottom.
  3. Now go back to Posts >> Categories. You will see that the category you selected in step-2 has now become the default category with no option of edit or delete. Whereas the uncategorized has now become editable and it also shows an option of deleting it.

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