Delete bulk WordPress pages using the admin backend

Some times we get into a situation, where we need to delete bulk WordPress pages in one go. Reasons can be anything ranging from creating a duplicate website, spam content pages, starting a website from zero, etc.  In case of a couple of pages you may delete the pages by simply going to Pages >> All Pages in the admin backend and delete any number of pages from there.  But if you have thousands of pages, the manual deletion is not possible. Deleting directly from the database using PHPMyAdmin is also not possible because running the database query may be too technical for many of us.

Then the best choice is using a free Bulk Delete plugin available in the WordPress repository.  After downloading and activating the plugin, you will find it on the left side admin menu as “Bulk WP” with Bulk Delete Pages as a sub-option.

There are several options to delete the pages depending on their status like:

  1. All Published Pages
  2. All Draft Pages
  3. All Scheduled Pages
  4. All Pending Pages
  5. All Private Pages


There is an option to delete the pages permanently or move the pages to trash.  But please note that once the pages are deleted permanently, there is no way to get the data of that page back again.  So, if you are not sure about anything, then do backup the website files and database before trying out this plugin or simply move them to trash first. WordPress has an automatic cron feature where the trash gets emptied automatically after a set duration of time.

You can optionally schedule the delete function by setting up time (This is a feature of Pro version though – Paid Plugin) or you can selectively delete pages depending on a date range. Please see the screenshot below:


Using the plugin you can also perform the bulk delete action on the following things:

  1. Posts: Please read this post to know how to delete bulk WordPress posts.
  2. Users: Please read this post to know how to delete bulk WordPress users.
  3. Meta Fields: Please read this post to know how to delete bulk WordPress meta fields.


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